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Like a lot of people I carry stress in my neck and shoulders. During the massage the tightness melted away. After the massage, I enjoyed an ionic foot bath which was very energizing. I was so relaxed I think I floated back to my car. Mmmmmm I have enjoyed a lot of massages but this massage was the best one I have ever had! Thank you, Jacob!

~ Lisa Odegard

I really appreciated the massage from Jacob. He has way more than just massage expertise, you can tell. I'll be back for another massage.

~ Gina DuVall

Jacob is an excellent massage person. He has good energy, and wonderful technique. His hands know just where to massage, and how deep to go, and how to leave me feeling relaxed and healed. The foot bath is totally intriguing. I did feel lighter or cleaner somehow.

~ Carol Canterbury

Jacob set me up with the ionic foot bath and it was amazing that black and brown toxins were coming out of my skin through my feet. I felt great afterward. I felt lighter and refreshed. I recommend this treatment from Jacob.

~ Ross Krzysko

Jacob ... meets you exactly where you are from a space of complete acceptance of what is in your world. As an intuitive he keeps very clear boundaries - working with you as directed By you - seeing through your ramblings and allowing you to just be with them. As a practitioner he explains what's going on in a neutral and practical manner. He lets You get to the "ah ha!" from the acceptance of what Is. As a man of few words, when he does speak, his analogies are gold and you take them with you, likely for a lifetime. As a spiritual force in this world, Jacob has achieved levels of beingness many seek for years to accomplish and even fewer will be able to obtain. Create the opportunity to work with this incredible man. Your life will be richer, fuller, and freer for it.

~ Michelle Basey

I've noticed since my session with Jacob that my tolerance level for the cr*p that I was putting up with prior is definitely lower. THAT is a very good thing! I also learned a tool that is SO helpful and wow, SO easy, so much simpler than I've been making things for myself! Looking forward to a follow-up with him after I've had some time to use my new found attitude and tool for awhile! THANK YOU JACOB!

~ Amy Woidtke

I just finished my third session (spread out over five weeks) with Jacob. I'm not going to try to explain what he did. But whatever it was worked! I've been struggling financially and personally for a couple years. Shifts in my life began happening after my first medical intuitive session. A great thing about this is that it's an empowering service, once you have your sessions you're good to go. Jacob said something like, you're good to go, this isn't the kind of thing you have to keep coming back for. I highly recommend this service.

~ Emily Iverson

Jacob Caldwell is intuitive indeed. He helped me with a pain in my foot, identifying the source of the pain and helping me to think about healing in a new way. I've never been to a massage therapist like this before -- truly an eye-opening experience. One week has passed and my pain has subsided -- I have not felt this good since my accident. I will go again!

~ Naomi Murakawa

I recommend anybody wanting to learn more about themselves to go see Jacob. Pay close attention to what he's saying, experiment with what he recommends, ask questions and see how your life responds. I bet you will see improvement.

~ Ana Karina Luna

There are a new breed of healers coming into their own in the world at this time. I knew Jacob as a one of these--a powerful specimen of the finest work and integrity. He gifted me with his laser-beam vision, his deep intuition and his gentleness, all in one. The session we shared generated balance--he was both assertive and receptive, a quality of pricelessness when it comes to healing. Thank you, Jacob

~ Heather Pendergast

Having worked with Jacob for over a year now... There is no doubt that this man is.... odd. and extremely powerful. He fries my issues right out of me so much that the shifts in my life have been monumental and miraculous. His gift for healing the energetic issues of a person or a place are just undeniable. I see direct connection between the healing work he does for me and the magical powerful things that are happening in my life right now.

~ Sierra Faye Kennedy, LMP

Jacob definitely knows how to get your circulation moving. I always feel immensely relaxed after a massage with Jacob. My favorite part is the head massage - that alone could put me to sleep. It is so incredibly relaxing and I always feel so spoiled. Everybody should see this guy, he is the best.

~ Rebecca Scott

Jacob totally rocks. The first time I met him my body told me in no uncertain terms that it wanted him to work on me. He's only done a little impromptu work on me at parties and such, and, in addition to totally sending me out of this world it was amazingly cathartic and healing. Looking forward to MORE work with Jacob!

~ Annika Fae

Jacob is my wise sage and good friend. He always has the inside scoop on what is bothering me and why. His intuitive skills are amazing and the energy work he does, well, works! In our society we have pressures and ways of being that contort our spirit and corrode our souls. If you are looking for a restoration to perfection, see Jacob Caldwell.

~ William Fulton

Not only do you get a balancing flower essence, but Jacob also provides an explanation as to why those particular essences will help you regain balance in your life. I have had multiple flower essences from different people including Jacob and recommend them as a gentle distressing treatment.

~ Ross Krzysko

As part of my LMP requirements while going through massage school, I had to perform a massage session and receive feedback from three licensed LMP’s. I selected Jacob as an LMP from a Seattle goodle search because he was skilled in ionic therapy, something that I was curious about and wanted to try. I received his voicemail, “thank you for leaving a message, you will be glad you did,” never really expected a response, but he called me and was open to my request.

We connected later that day or the next...I don't remember. Meeting him was life changing, still affecting my life in positive ways. I think about Jacob as my mentor.

And, then, I underwent ionic therapy...changed my life.

Did I mention, this guy is awesome??

~ Missy

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