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Jacob has experience working with athletes such as UW Football Players, Marathon Runners, Bicyclists, Swimmers, Soccer Players, Triathletes, and Mountain Climbers. From Professional athletes to Weekend Warriors, Jacob shares your passion for playing in the sun and also understands competitive sports goals. Jacob is skilled in proper sports massage techniques and can recommend specific stretches that will help restore the body from injury.

Jacob is dedicated to helping individuals solve issues and find other solutions besides surgery and cortisone shots. If one is in a lot of pain and the tendon or muscle is still intact there is hope that your throwing arm or IT Band can be relieved.

In Jacob's athletic experience he has learned Technique outperforms Strength. His Sports Massage Technique uses a holistic approach to observe how a person is using their body. Jacob can observe and palpate muscles to see how the bad habit is being caused. He can observe a throwing arm or a runner's gait and help diagnose where pain may be coming from or where a potential injury may occur. A Seattle Sports Massage Experience from Jacob will help one understand how to properly use their body and prevent future injuries.

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