Steps2Light - Massage and Energy Therapy Services



Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage serves people who are looking to release tension and anxiety, for knots to be untied, or just a treat for yourself. Chill out in a nice urban oasis where great care has been taken to ensure your comfort and optimum relaxation.more

Insurance Massage

Insurance Massage serves people who have Medical Health Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, and Labor & Industries claims, Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident.more

Sports Massage

Jacob is dedicated to helping individuals solve issues and find other solutions besides surgery and cortisone shots. If one is in a lot of pain and the tendon or muscle is still intact there is hope that your throwing arm or IT Band can be relieved.more

Detoxing Foot Bath

Detoxing Foot Baths are great to have after any massage therapy session. People report sleeping better that night and even feel more energetic over the days that follow.more

Meridian Measurement Machine

The Meridian Measurement Machine is a useful tool to see the charted version of the energy of your organs. It is fascinating to chart the specific changes as your body responds to treatments.more

Flower Essences

Flower Essences come in dropper bottles that have a vinegar-water base the holds the energy/frequency of specific healing flowers.more

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