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Services ~ Relaxation Massage

A Relaxation Massage serves people who are looking to release tension and anxiety, for knots to be untied, or just a treat for yourself. Chill out in a nice urban oasis where great care has been taken to ensure your comfort and optimum relaxation.

At your initial appointment, Jacob will discuss with you what your needs are and if you have any health concerns so he may understand the right massage for you. Each massage session is competely customized in order to receive the maximum benefit. A light massage may be applied for the sensitive folks or a deep tissue massage for the people who like a firm therapeutic pressure. A brief discussion before each massage session thereafter will ensure each massage is addressing your needs adequately.

A relaxation massage once a month is for those who like to prevent injuries and maintain current health. Twice a month is for those who want to catch up to chronic pain and take care of old or new occurring injuries. Four times a month is for those who are in the middle of injury treatment and have constant pain. Eight times a month is for those that are in a debilitating injury and are in severe pain.

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