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A Detoxing Foot Bath is a half hour foot soak that increases positive energy to healthy cells and pulls out negative energy like toxins, cellular debris, mold, and foreign metals. With this deep cleanses, clients will witness how their immune systems will have a renewed start and optimum functioning organs. Results with some clients have resulted in increased energy, healthier skin, and weight loss.

Each treatment takes approxiately 30 minutes and is recommended once a week for optimum results.

Benefits of a Detoxing Foot Bath:

People report sleeping better than usual at night and feel more energetic even three days after. Some people report feeling bogged down after a massage; this is due to your liver and kidneys being overwhelmed by the release of toxins. The Ionic Foot Bath helps clean out toxins and support these organs. It's ideal to combine a massage with a foot bath to get the most removal of toxins.

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