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Flower Essences come in dropper bottles that have a vinegar-water base the holds the energy/frequency of specific healing flowers. By placing a few drops under the tongue your energy can be strengthened and balanced which can have lasting effects. Flower Essences help balance emotions, release trauma, let go of the past, and see "there is hope." Flower Essences are available anytime as an individual service and may be ncluded in Medical Intuitive Sessions.

Jacob Caldwell's Intuitive knowledge can pick out your specific Custom Flower Essence for you. Three different flowers will be picked out and combined into one bottle to help with your current issues.

Here are a few of the Flower Essences used:

Arnica Flower Essence

    Relieves shock in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. Encourages resilience during life's shocks, bumps and scraps.

    Black Cohosh Flower Essence

    Supports a playful approach to physical body changes as you age or your spiritual bodies evolve.

    Black Gooseberry Flower Essence

    Search your inner counsel for the truth of your deepest wisdom. Access that wisdom emanating from the core of your Being.

    Blackcap Raspberry Flower Essence

    Brings to awareness and moves through ingrained patterns that block your ability to present yourself and your unique gifts to the world.

    Flower Essences and Flower Remedies are available from Lummi Island.

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